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MyHuman Rights lecturer said that the way we see Islamic Terrorists is the same way white people in South Africa saw members of the ANC and black people in general. What do you think?

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  1. Tim Says:

    Well, I wasn't in apartheid South Africa, so I'm not sure how to compare it, but certainly demonizing your enemy seems to be a popular way of trying to get support for your cause.

    When I hear about terrorists "hating freedom", I have trouble taking it seriously. I am aware, though, that the "other side" also uses these tactics; for example, Iran calling the US the "Great Satan".

    By the way, I do like the title you chose for your blog.


  2. Rose Says:

    i think the point he (or you!) failed to make, is that if we saw all islamic people in that way then yes it would be like apartheid. But we are only talking about the terrorists, the ones who are so keen for their way that they impigne on our choices.
    also apartheid has a different context. the black people were being oppressed as a majority in their own country. islamics are generally not being oppressed in their country. Yes there may be raciscm and prejudice...but there always will be towards varying groups in society