Today I have been at a music conference with my staff and a whole bunch of other music educators. I went to a workshop on developing a choir and another on resources. Our keynte speaker a Dr Bob Smith, was eccentric and decided that being the fact it was a music conference he would sing his keynote address. So he did. It was all in a variety of different genres but did communicate his point. Weird.

There was also a drum circle where we got to bang on drums and other percussion for 1.5hours and improvise and compose and sing. We also had a 'big sing' where we learnt african action songs and there was also a professional educators forum which I flagged so i could talk with some of my staff. All lots of fun.

Anyway tomorrow at the venue where the conference is it just so happens that Destiny Church are going to be taking over the venue where our conference is and we are going to have to share it with them. This is a slightly nerve wracking thought........ this was unknown to our conference organisers who thought that Destiny were going to only be in the Hall. but it turns out that they are actually going to be using the majority of the places where we were having our conference for their sunday school and what not. It should be interesting. Why?

1. I want to see my response. I tend to have pre concieved notions about Destinites. After all my ranting and raving about grace its good to know God puts you in real life situations where you have to use it.
2. I wonder what everyone elses response will be?

Peace out -

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