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A different type of post today, a personal one to let you all know where I am at. This of course will be interesting for those of you who don’t know me or those of you who haven’t emailed me in ages (it appears many of you have changed your emails, so if you have pass me your new ones peoples so I can talk to you personally – my email address is in my blogger profile , no forwards please)

1. I am off to a youth leaders conference today in Rotorua this will obviously be fought with a mixture of bliss and difficulty for me so your prayers would be appreciated.

2. I have been semi offered a job at a conservative Christian protestant school, I am very excitied about this for many reasons including it will give me the opportunity to see a different Christian theology in action. The schools theology is radically different from mine, however I am of the opinion that we can co-exist as our fundamentals are in the same place . Please pray for me over the next week…. I really need your help here , the job interview and selection process is totally different from a state school
* Have to attend the school for a day
* Have a meeting with the current class teacher and principal
* If I get past the first two rounds have to have a meeting with the school trust board (seven men) - yes seven men.
So I really need all the prayer cover I can get so that my thoughts are clear and that I don't go in with a defensive position but instead go in with a Christ like spirit but still one that is full of truth to my beliefs.

3. Took the week off work to clear my head and study has been good.

4. Last Sunday night Church was freaking fantastic (I agree with you Nicola, good blog by the way) I really enjoyed speaking and feel that I got across the message that God wanted me to deliver, which was on Coherence – making our words match our actions (Goats and Sheep parable from matthew) The whole service has a real anointing and for once it felt like we had worked as a team, so I am thrilled! Unity is an amazing thing, please pray for your church leadership!

5. To the guy I like who doesn’t know it: Obviously you are clueless, but due to previous bad relationship experiences I am not going to initiate anything at all. Conservative Christians tell me I shouldn’t anyway, but hey I think as a post modern emergent I should get past this really... all I am asking for is a decent face to face conversation.... Is that too much for a girl to ask..... Can christian guys really not pick up signals ...

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