Living with Epilepsy

I have speant most of today in bed.

I am sick yet again with some type of virus/bacterial thing i think, headache , sore stomach, sore throat, (i'll go to the doctor tomorrow) and have been having terrible seizures all day. I haven't had a day like this in ages. I blacked out. I nodded constantly. I swayed. Things were blurry. Plus my seizures were long ...... very long..... Fantastic.

Contrary to popular belief there is more than one type of epilepsy:

*Absence seizures
*Atypical absence seizures
*Myoclonic seizures
*Atonic seizures
*Tonic seizures
*Clonic seizures
*Tonic-clonic seizures

Partial Seizures
*Simple partial seizures
*Complex partial seizures
*Secondarily generalized seizures

My type (absence seizures) are actually very common (although normally more prevalant in children) they are not very fun at all and they are not DAY DREAMS!

Find out more by going here :

Absence seizure epilepsy

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  1. Debs Says:

    Hope all goes well at the Dr. appointment today. I'm assuming the seizures were particularily bad yesterday because of the virus you had? Yucky combination.

    Hope today is a better day for you

  2. Ragged Glory Says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon Lisa.