NOOMA - Bullhorn Critique

Now I must admit that my Christian theology is a mish mash of a variety of perspectives and is very post-emrgent sympathetic. In saying that I am not a Rob Bell devotee i.e. I do not own all his DVDs , nor have I even read his books (shock horror). I have though watched a fair whack of his NOOMA stuff and discussed his Velvet Elvis ideas with many of my friends.

The following two clips are on evangelism

Bell contends that all street evangelism (with bullhorns and placards and such) does not share Jesus' love or the Christian message adequately as it seperates loving God and loving others.

This guy here though has a different point of view:

What is your point of view? Can we have both? Or is Rob Bell right? Or the last guy right?

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  1. Restrama Says:

    1: People go to hospitals themselves, or call doctors to visit them; someone has to want to go to a doctor.
    2: People trust that doctors will be skilled in their field; this is done by a process of well known extensive education. Any single person (preacher or otherwise) in the street has no existing trust from passers by.
    3: Doctors deal with people on a one to one personal basis. They don't shout into a crowd; "You've all got a disease, come to me and i'll show you who can cure it!
    4: Sure God is sometimes angry and hates sin, but we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but that is just one side of him, as is love. Exaggeration of either is misguided and misleading. Also, in our current culture any suggestion of judgement on you by another person is not viewed positively and will not produce a positive response; that is the side of God that they are already familiar with; we want to show them the side they don't know.