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This list while personal to me, will give you a (small) insight into what it is like being in leadership. This time of year is especially hard for one reason or another - check out Naked Pastor. So yes this is my own personal rant, but I ask you to consider what it is like for those of you in your leadership team? How can you help them?

In my weakness he is strongest

1) I am an introvert , people take it out of me. If I am taking space its for your benefit.

2) Being in leadership is tough - its made even tougher when you feel like people couldn't care less whether you turned up or not. Or if you did turn up your only value is in what you do - not in who you are. Do you not know who I am? I mean behind all this? Do you know what makes me cry? Do you know what makes me laugh?

3) Praise God for his eternal sacrifice and his gift of the Holy Spirit and Angels! Thank you for the Holy Spirit (comforter) that rescued me tonight from the dark abyss that surronded me.

4) To people who came up to me tonight and started making random conversation about one thing or another : MEH! I've had a really crappy week, and I am glad you cared so much to stop and see what had been going on in my life before you bursted into conversation about something that mattered little at that particular moment - what I needed was someone to stop and talk to me - just like I do for you

5) Virtual Hugs to Nicola and Brad for your love , kindness and patience over the last week. Nicola I pray you have a great week at Xtend despite the rest of the stuff that is going on and Brad I pray that you have a get a new Hillsong CD.... no seriously Brad I pray that you will know the fullness of your significance in God's plan. Aroha - Lisa

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