Left Behind

For all of the 'Left Behind' book and movie fans out their........ and for all of those who just don't get people who are so 'caught up' ( if you pardon the pun) in rapture stuff.

Kudos to think christian

Warning - you will either love this clip or hate it.

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  1. stan Says:

    that's pretty much the view non-Christians have of Christians... like when they come to our Churches and the pastor says: "let's bow our heads in prayer" and then every does it and he speaks to God as if God is real... or when the worship band is playing and people are raising their hands and singing as if God is listening...

  2. Lisa Says:

    I really don't get what you are saying Stan....

    Can you please expand?

  3. stan Says:

    well to us we might think it's funny that the girl's stupid enough to take the rapture so seriously, but non-Christians also view us the same way when they come visit our Churches