the ideal world list

In my ideal world:

1) People would not judge me or categorise me by what I did or my illness but would take the time to talk to me and discover what makes me tick (and would not assume that they knew this because they happened to read my blog).

2) Church small groups would not be made and grouped purely on age. This is a stupid model and results in a whole bunch of people of vastly different spiritual levels being put into one room and being expected to learn material that may or may not be relevant to them. You wouldn’t do it at a school so why subject people to it in a church setting. No wonder people leave.

3) Schools would not have bells that sounded like fire sirens. I mean a bell is a bell.

4) People would get reimbursed for the actual hours they work.

5) People would actually think about the lyrics they were singing in a worship song rather than singing it because it had ‘good music’ secondly people would learn to discern a sermon rather than just ‘listen to it’.

6) Matthew Sinclair would be permanently in the Black Caps.

7) Add your own number 7 as a contribution below (you have all been very quiet lately)

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6 thoughts - add yours!:

  1. Tim Says:

    7) The contents of people's hard drives wouldn't be Microsoft's or Apple's or Adobe's or anyone else's trade secrets.


  2. stan Says:

    7. God would have made everyone equal in circumstances.

  3. Tim Says:

    Stan, I'm not sure that would be compatible with the amount of free will God has given us. (Please note: I'm not trying to attack you; I'm just trying to discuss.)

    You see, we seem to have been given the choice about whether to act lovingly towards other people or to act maliciously towards them. For this choice to be meaningful, our actions must be genuinely able to affect other people's circumstances, not just our own. If God forced everyone's circumstances to be equal, we'd no longer have the free will to decide to love other people.

    Depending on their level of Calvinism, I imagine a lot of Christians might disagree with me here, but I'm not sure I really know how Calvinists think, so I don't know.


  4. stan Says:

    Can't be bothered retyping it but check out and click on 'The Divinity Code' then search for the comment I made on multiple sclerosis.

  5. Debs Says:

    7. You would meet and marry (for ever) only one love so your heart would never have to be broken.

  6. Tim Says:

    Stan, I've read a lot of the comments you put on that page you gave a link to. I haven't read them all, though, and I skipped most of the other people's comments. In some ways, you remind me of Job. I could try to respond to some of the things you said, but I think I'd probably end up sounding like one of Job's friends.