Things to remember as a reliever teacher

1) Always always where pants never a skirt (this is really for the girls) you could end up taking swimming on the first day.

2) Remember as many of the kids names as possible it freaks them out! Just make sure they don't try and change them around. I have already been caught out on this one. GRRR !

3) Remember a whistle - it makes you look like you know a plethora of PE games even if you only know a handful!

4) The names of the other teachers. Otherwise you just look like a nitwit

5) The quickest way to the staffroom

6) The fact that when the bell goes that doesn't mean the kids come inside it means they are lining up outside waiting for you and you have to go and let them in. Failing to do this makes them think you have forgotten them......... which you have..... well the class was quiet in the mean time. *cough*

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