Easter Greetings

Hey all!

Nice to see you all, and really if you haven't been commenting please do so I know you exist!

So what did I get up to this easter? Good question. I did not go to BYM Easter Camp but I did pray for those of you who went! Big ups to those of you who went and yes I did remember to pray even though my intercessing skills are dreadful :P

Brad and I ( aka the remnant) had a great weekend without the rest of you ......and should really get extra Christian points for all the services we went to... On friday I played piano at LHB morning service, then we went to the cathedral for a very boring Anglican Vigil that basically consisted of silence and the bishops talking and random hymns that consisted of ye olde english. We were the youngest there by a long shot. And yesterday (sunday) we went to Elim for a totally different end of the spectrum where it just so happened they were having a healing service with people falling on the floor. So yes..... I had a very eventful easter.

Seriously though.... This easter has been interesting. I haven't been that well physically or spiritually but have conversed a lot with God about alot of things and people. Those of you that are closest to me will probably be able to guess what I am talking about. This has been incredibly liberating.

One of the main reasons I didn't go to Easter Camp was that I needed a break from LHB people as I was relying on you guys too much and I know that I was draining you too much. Joyce Meyer has this great saying where she says 'Go to the throne and not to the phone' and in all honesty I haven't been doing that lately. So I used this weekend as a sort of detox and have really gone back to Jesus. Yesterday I speant a good hour and more laying on my bed and crying out to him about a whole range of things and I am much better for it. Thank you all for your support lately it has been wonderful, I am especially indebted to those of you that keep asking me the hard questions even when I don't like you asking them. You know who you are and may God bless you richly as we are all in this together!

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