YAY I am finished.

It should be known that my notes for chapters 5 and 8 are 15 pages long and are actually very interesting.

Here is a snippet, For those of you who think that theology has no real life application.

For example in the western church we often make statements like ' God is love or God is insert your favourite metaphor/analogy here' this comes from the KATAPHATIC tradition that says that positive statements can be made about God. However there is also a APOPHATIC tradition which is quite widely used in the eastern church (although not exclusively) that says that we are basically stumbling around in the dark when we try to use human language to describe God. God lies way beyond human language and if we can't describe the smell of fresh flowers how on earth do you really expect to describe God with language?? So the APOPHATIC tradition gives us the idea of the mystery of God but in reality it is not very helpful for describing God. While the KATAPHATIC idea helps us describe God but can make us reduce God to images within human pictures.

Now I have you thinking :P

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