Well sort of... I am trying very hard to complete this chapter its 30 pages long from renowned theologian Alister McGrath. I should have completed it weeks ago but I didn't as there were two chapters to read for this lesson and the first one nearly had me stumped. Anyway its on Philsophy and Theology. Its very dense. Incredibly interesting but very dense......... I mean this is its content:

Philosophy and Theology: The Notion of the "Handmaid"
The "handmaid": the dialogue between theology and philosophy
Verification and falsification: can Christian ideas be proved?
The debate over realism: to what do theological statements refer?
The Nature of Faith
Faith and knowledge
Faith and salvation
Can God's Existence be Proved?
Anselm of Canterbury's ontological argument
Thomas Aquinas' Five Ways - (Actually very intriquing)
The kalam argument
The classic argument from design: William Paley
The Nature of Theological Language
Apophatic and kataphatic approaches to theology
A case study: the Copernican debate

I have tried so hard to get through it but it is just not seeming to work.... and its only from lesson 2 I still have to do lesson 3 to catch up.........

Really must go.

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  1. Tim Says:

    That really does sound interesting! You'll have to teach it to me when I get back.