So its like.........

Amongst all those conversations that young adults have, in recent times in our circles we have been discussing relationships.

Most specfically we have had comments such as 'boys are stupid' 'girls are stupid' and stuff that is generally about as deep as an episode of the plot of Treasure Island. Seriously though one good conversation Brad , Peter and I did have tonight was on boys being the chasers and girls being pursued. This was in light of the whole Captivating, Wild at Heart series ( which I generally despise).

The thing though that I am strongly in favour of is that Christian guys should get off their behinds and chase girls and christians girls should learn to be chased.
Sometimes though a girl has to ' Pull a Ruth' which I am considering doing ........

However we have also been discussing the great DTR - define the relationship. In Christian circles this is ever so well .... I'll let the video explain.

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