So I was teaching today.... Got called up at 8:05 and told to be there by 8:30 arrived at school.

I love my dear little darlings. Today they literally climbed up the walls. Yes they actually did. Not a pretty picture. I had 2 ADHD kids, One ESOL kid, One kid with 3 with behavioural problems, one who is hearing impared and cries when it gets to loud - which was most of today as the class also had a severe case of Fridayitas. I have decided relievers should get a bonus for working Friday. That my friends is why they pay us relievers more than normal teachers - because we have to deal with stuff like that. Adorable. Then I had a kid read to me in Maori and I had to ask him comprehension quesitons. I did know some of the words on the page so we did get somewhere. One of the highlights of my day was maths when I did some practical maths problems with the kids and saw some of them really spark, BEAUTIFUL!!

It was great to feel wanted again. Loads of kids ran up to me asking whether I was going to be there teacher today.... Rather curious because when I do teach them they all seem to do what they want anyway!

Ahh and Natalie we did another run - this time they did the cross country 25 minutes!!!!! 25 whole minutes!!! 25 minutes ! BEAUTIFUL! Silence...... thinking time.... plus it got rid of some of their energy!

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  1. Natalie Says:

    stop running!!