At the end of oneself and the start of Christ

At the moment I am busy thinking about what I should be writing this weeks sermon on........ it is going to be on evangelism I think ... although pretty much I have a free choice on what I want to do which is good. I need to listen to God more.

I have been hanging out alot at which is a fantastic site that you should have a look at even if you never speak..... fantastic video's to get you thinking.

Haven't been having such a great week, its amazing how Satan can work his ways.

I have been amazed once again at the power of Christ and those Christians who regardless of their position in the world make themselves avaliable to talk to and are so understanding. I mean who really cares in the end whether I am your boss , or whether someone is my university tutor or whether someone is my by boss, the reality is if we see a need as a brother or sister in christ we should do something and blow what society thinks about 'how it might look'.

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