The fruits of Immaturity

I have had a few recent conversations with people that lead me to today's topic. Rachel was telling me about what her 'pet peeve' was, and over the last week I was sharing in depth about my pet peeve with another friend. Also some one else , I can't remember who, asked whether if we see some issue we actually do something about it rather than just moan about it and poke holes at it. So that leads me to today. Immaturity. Alex Chediak has written a fantastic article on immaturity that starts as follows:

I never used to RSVP for get-togethers, but would show up at the last minute. My friend Darren once told me that a single man's social life is based on the "last best option." In other words: Never commit, because a better alternative may come along.

Sadly this attitude reminds me of many Christian guys and girls today. Chediak then goes on to outline the Portrait of Immatruity vs a Portrait of Maturity among Christian 20 somethings.


*Indecisiveness - In speaking to many christian guys and girls lately many have said to me when I end up making a decision (because I get so frustrated waiting for someone else to) that they see this as being assertive and they could not do this as it could cause offense so they prefer to 'stay in grey areas' or just 'go with the flow'. While I understand where they are coming from, this gets tiresome after a while as the same people have to keep making decisions all the time.

*Inconsistency -
'My friend Jason was willing to hang out if it involved doing something he really wanted to do, like seeing the latest movie. But if I was going through a hard time and needed some brotherly encouragement, he was nowhere to be found.'

The oppositises of those according to Chediak are Decisiveness and Faithfulness who then outlines scriptual principles for them and then goes on to demonstrate what this looks like and how to get there. ( just a sampling):

  • Assuming responsibility
  • Embracing risk.
  • Pray
  • Read and implement what the Bible says
  • Make 'our work, relationships, and use of time and money reflect the infinite value of God
  • 'acknowledging God's sovereignty in the process, and by seeking (in the strength that God supplies) to optimize our witness for Christ in a difficult environment so that through
    work, we not only pay bills but show the love of Christ by providing goods and services that benefit our neigbours '
  • This one is juicy: ' Moral authority is the twin sister of dependability. Most of you men will marry and your wife will be biblically obligated to respect you as her head. But your behavior and attitude can make all the difference in the world as to whether this is a duty to her or a delight. Biblical authority comes with merely being the husband of your wife. You can be a complete jerk, but God still holds you accountable (as the head) for your wife and children. But moral authority is earned by the successful stewardship of assumed responsibility. '

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