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Tonight met up with my rachel and rose. Before Rose got there rachel and I had a big discussion about our constructions of theology and how we can construct a theology to lay our idea of God on so as to make ourselves feel comfortable. However we need to challenge this construct ( or web) as God doesn't need the construct to survive and is bigger than all the theology we construct to understand him ( and their again is another construct... God as a him )

Anyway good blog to check out at the moment if you are a woman, and please note i said woman, go check out the Kyle's blog ... very thoughtful humble guy:
and read his post from thursday may 10 especially the 'P.S comment' - let it challenge you.

For the guys you can go here..... Read a very good article about men and friendship

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  1. Tim Says:

    With regard to God being a "him": I think we suffer from a lack of an appropriate pronoun in English.
    Me? Definitely not.
    Us? No.
    You? Only when you're praying.
    It? Misses the fact that we worship a personal God.
    Them? Ok in the context of talking about the Trinity, but using it all the time may give a polytheistic impression.
    This leaves him and her, both of which are probably misleading. See this SansBlogue post for commentary from someone who knows more than I do.