PE excuses!

Today I relieved again at the school I normally relieve at. Different class from last week. A class that I like much better. Anyway many many of them did not participate in PE today (the cross country run) here are some notes - all of which I am sure were written by themselves. It is this schools policy though that if the kid has a note we have to accept it. *cough* I'll let you judge for yourself. I have deleted and changed names for privacy reasons but the rest is word for word authentic (including the spelling) - absolutely classic!

'Sam can not do the block run because she has a blister on the back of her foot. She can walk it thow'

'To Mrs xxxxxx, Please exuse Emma from Running the block Run because she fell over and hurt her ankle last night. Thank you. signed xxxxxxxx. PS she can still walk fine.'

' To Mrs xxxxxx, My daughter can not run today. because she has a sore throwht'

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  1. nicola Says:

    ha thats awesome, i never made up notes but i would get my mum to write them for me. Im sure having a blister which means you can walk but cant run is a really viable excuse! lol