Edited for clarity ( and after I had a nap tee hee) @ 6pm

Sometimes things are so blindly obvious that you have to ask yourself why is everyone else oblivious to the thing in question..... but then again sometimes the things are oblivious to you too. So some helpful things to know :

1) Merely liking someone will not mean they will like you back. *sigh* (note: this one is for me)

2) Mean what you say and say what you mean - especially in relationship stuff.

3) Deleted (after Lisa's nap - really nap's are very good all 21 year olds should have them ) - I agree with number 2.

4) Lisa can not play guitar but does very much like teaching guitar classes - go figure : P

5) Graduation ceremonies are long but made much more fun when you have a whole bunch of your friends around you.

6) Prayer works.

7) My hair is red - which according to one Galleryite 'will turn heads' (clockwise or anticlockwise I am still deciding)

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4 thoughts - add yours!:

  1. Anonymous Says:

    8) Girls who tell guys how to act scare guys away :P

  2. anna Says:

    So whats the difference between telling a guy (or a girl) how to act and giving him ( or her) some advice so he doesn't keep making the mistakes ( and keep hurting themselves/and others)?

    Can you explain where you are coming from anonymous?

  3. Lisa Says:

    anonymous, I personally think that if a guy can't take advice/help (notice I said advice) then that shows a lack of maturity, just like it shows a lack of maturity if a girl can't take advice.

    However if someone is controlling another person that is something totally different and as someone who has been controlled I agree that we shouldn't do that to one another and when we see people doing that we should ACT to stop it.

  4. P-Style Says:

    9) The supermarket is not super.

    iykky - 3 year olds can have speech impediments too you know