The Emerging Church

A lot of you read this blog, and by all accounts many of you hang around for some very long amounts of time, 30 minutes, 20 minutes so this post while long should be okay for you.

I watched one of his video's on 'women' a couple of months ago on a women's leadership thing ( on christianity today). Despite its tone it didn't make me angry, but it did make me think and ponder ( about love, truth, the body of christ) - but how exactly would you respond in a loving way .

Anyway this particular clip is on his opinion on the Emerging church and someone's response to him.

Anyway his opinion on the emerging church...

(he has 120 video's on you tube ranging from Feminisim, to salvation, to why women should wear head scarves (!), you name it he has discussed it... if you want some intellectual stimulation I reccommend it )


(Lisa cheers very loudly!)

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