Third Day is Out on Itunes

In the words of a very bad Chris Tomlin Song ' We're gonna party' (I dedicate that to you brad :P ) Third Day have just released a whole stack of their CDs on NZ itunes. About time I say... previously all we had were two grotty songs.

In other news ....... I should be studying for my BCNZ exams. Scriptures that I have to remember

Mark 4:11-12
Matthew 20
Luke 15
Matthew 13
Luke 18

Thats just for my parable examples. .... Now am off to study either the gospels or the KOG I am still deciding which.

If you could pray that I would eat something I would be very grateful. As many of you know my epilepsy medications make me not want to eat and feel very grotty. While lots of you seem to think this would be the ideal weight loss product (and it has been I have lost 15kg) I am just wanting to eat! It is currently 1pm and all I have had today is a chocolate milk. I mean I really want to eat but the thing is I can't get the food into me.

Have a fantastic blessed day.....

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  1. Twinmum Says:

    I almost envy your weight loss... Who wouldn't? But I understand that for you it's a problem rather than a good thing!
    Do you find certain foods tempting enough to eat? I hope you manage more than chocolate milk soon!
    I've just realised I totally sound like a Mum! (Probably cos I am!)

    Was nice to get your comment on my blog. Nice to know someone is reading!
    Take care,
    Michelle xx

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Michelle, occasionally I do but its not always consistant. I do though generally despise meat.

    I didn't eat today until 7.30 but then had a large amount to eat - it was my birthday tea. Spring Rolls , Bread and Pasta. Of course now I feel sick after eating that much LOL *sigh*

    Believe me I haven't always been like this, I used to eat anything that was in sight.