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To please the majority of you who come here just to pass the time of day I have added some new links down the side.

(go click on the link from the sidebar yourself - I'm not going to do everything for you)

Megan's I am always challenged by Christian's who use their blogs to honour God and on the flip side really wonder about Christian's who spend the majority of their time fluffing around about nothing in particular, but that is another post ......... Megan is really a Woman after God's own heart. She is flippin awesome. Check this blog out.

(Deep as a Puddle - meh just because ( combo of deep and humour ) Sam is involved in some type of Leadership at Blueprint Church in wellington, by all accounts the Blueprint crew all seem to have some pretty onto it blogs......

Mark's and for this one I will give you the link because I don't have it on the list yet ....

Internet Monk - if you want an intelligent challenging Christian view on things - don't go here unless you want to be challenged. If this doesn't sound like you you may want to skip down to .........

Rove - if you just want to laugh - totally not christian - but hey, sometimes you just have to escape the Christian Ghetto - in fact its a crime not too.

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