M is for Miss R

** Someone once said the greatest problem with the church today is Apathy.
I tend to agree.

***Help us all - we don't need another stupid N.A.G. for our schools there are enough of them already. Help us! I mean really now you expect me to be the health police too? as well as being a child's counsellor, mother, social worker, and teacher? Really? I mean really? By all accounts make N.A.G'S about literacy and numeracy (and music, now there is an idea ....) but Gee Labour let parents do the parenting!!!

***I have just speant the day in a decile 1 school. On friday I was at a decile 10 school. WOAH, what a culture change. And in all of it I thought this - these kids are made in the image of Jesus and are full of expectations and a passion for learning. Why do we forget and loose those things? Gee kids are beautiful! (Plus they generally seem to get my sense of humour much better than adults)

*** Please pray for me , I am in the middle of making a pretty big life decision. I would prefer you didn't text me/email me about it unless you are already in the know as it is complex. I am quite exhausted about it. I just need some prayer and support. My brain is fried.

(Decile 1 schools are schools that draw kids from the lowest socio economic environment strata. Decile 10 = highest socio economic background, the lower the decile the more government funding due to the higher needs of the students for example schools with a decile of 1-3 tend to have more students who need help with things like english as a second language, extra reading/language support, behavioural support, special needs, extra resources )

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