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I am a Public Transport junkie. I am proud to say that. As much grief as I get from many a person, including many a Christian brother and sister I am proud to say I enjoy it.

My public transport journeys often see me taking buses with the type of people I imagine Jesus would hang out with right now if he were here. (Then I remind myself - I am Jesus to these people)

Take yesterday for example. Our suburban bus pulls into a supermarket bus stop. We pick up Mum, Aunty, Grandma (who looked like she was all of 40 years old) and 3 kids. The two eldest boys were twins and were aged about 3. The youngest was about 18 months. Man did they smell. They smelt like they hadn't had a shower in days, and by the looks of them they hadn't. The kids were literally thrown into the bus by the adults. But man were they beautiful. This is not the type of family folks that is likely to go to your mainly music club, or your MOPS programme etc etc. Anyway. Twin A speant most of the journey staring at me (all other family members were ignoring this particular child, they were too busy eating or talking about something). Twin A had been squashed in between the gap in the seats* and was trying to stand but kept getting thrown around as we went around corners (*the place where one seat goes forward and one goes backward the bit where people are meant to put their shopping bags). Twin B speant the majority of the journey climbing over the seats and getting told off by mum before reaching out to me, deciding that he rather liked the looks of my ticket.

If you haven't taken public transport lately (and i am not talking about a crappy commuter train) you need too. Mix with people. Get out of your comfort zone.

It will give you real perspective on life and where everyday people are at and believe me contrary to popular belief everyday people are not talking about interest rates, 'Amazing Grace' or what is happening at your (or possibliy any) church.

You don't need to sit and read your Bible (or recite it out loud , so people know you are a Christian) You don't need to turn up your Ipod loud so people can hear your Jesus tunes.
How about just LISTENING and being with people, it will give you perspective - plus you may even help the environment.

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  1. onscreen Says:


    Don't take the bus myself, but take the train occasionally.

    Watching people, can be fun, but it can also be mighty uncomfortable. But it's always interesting and if you're open, can help adjust your perspective on life.

  2. Singing Owl Says:

    Yay! Great post. I like you a lot already. And welcome to the Rev Gals and Pals. :-)