Righteous Anger


I am angry. Very Angry.

Today is day 4 of my war with Payserve. The Ministry of Educations Pay wing.
Dearest Pay serve have not paid my staff. I handed in my staff pay sheets in mid june. My staff are only paid once a TERM and as you can guess , they like me ,are pretty angry that once again payserve has LOST our pay sheets.

Oh dearest blog reader, to you this means very little but this is someones income (mine and 11 of my staff) and this is INJUSTICE. Just to let you in on some details I am paid (LSFL) for 25 hours a term (work about 50) and my staff work 2-3.5 a week teaching primary and intermediate aged students music. They are only paid once a term . I.E. once every 4 months.

My staff are AMAZING. They teach between 13-35 kids on Saturday Mornings. in Group lessons, linking to the NZ curriculum, they do planning, they do reflections, they to photocopying they write special sheets for kids, the call parents to check how kids and families - AND THEY ARE ONLY PAID FOR THEIR WORK ON SATURDAY MORNING! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Our music school (run by the MOE) is attached to a host school (think local college/primary school) i.e. we don't run seperately.

This following saga is not the first time this type of saga has happened.


Pre cursosr : I handed in our pay sheet mid june so our staff would be paid on this wednesday. Good old Payserve has cut off dates that are like 2 weeks in advance. Payserve pay all teachers in NZ employed by the state e.g. primary teachers, secondary teachers, school caretakers, relief teachers and my staff,

DAY 1 TUESDAY (WHEN PAY SHEETS ARE MEANT TO ARRIVE): Contacted our MOE liasion - she wasn't that helpful. Contacted our host school - they didn't call back. Contacted Payserve - they told me they would call back - they didn't but could I send a copy of the forms and they would manually pay my staff so they wouldn't have to wait until the 19th of July (next pay cycle)

DAY 2: Faxed a copy of forms (3x just to be sure - you never can tell with payserve) , I rung them to check and evidently they didn't recieve the first 2 copies (must have a dumb as fax machine) Couldn't get hold of the person I needed to speak to (a head honcho - thats right baby Lisa goes right to the top ) who had the longest lunch break ever known to man.

DAY 3 : Played phone tag with payserve, who passed me from one person to another. Finally my head honcho man's secretary said that they couldn’t pay us as the forms I had sent to them didn’t have signatures at the bottom,(duh people they were a copy) so I had to go back to Host school and start all over again (i.e. get signatures and sign off) i.e. send the originals back in. Which is freaking hard to do being the fact is, it's school freaking holidays

DAY 4:(TODAY) : Contacted Deputy Principal @ my Host school (who are not very impressed with Payserve, evidently they tend to loose things a lot). PRAISE GOD HE WAS THERE! The host school have a copy of the forms but can’t access them as they are locked in a cabinet somewhere that only the office lady can access. (she is away) Unfortunately we need this copy as it has the signatures and some other supplemntary forms.

** Ours is not an isolated case many teachers around NZ are not being paid properly. **
** My own personal relief pay from Payserve this week was also messed up and I won't get paid properly until the 18th July (read: Lisa is broke because Payserve lost ANOTHER sheet)

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