Stop the traffik

Sam and Lily get out of the busy traffic and escape into the quiet of a cafe and reflect on the latest movie - it made them good to feel a Christian. Wasn't it good to know that slavery was all over?

'Good movie that Amazing Grace? ay Lily?'

'Yeah great Movie?'

'Wasn't William Wilberforce wonderful,'

'Isn't it great all that slavery stuff is done with now? '

'Yeah less work for us to do Sam, i mean that guy was certainly persistant, it was so annoying that those others wouldn't help him , I mean how could you not see the injustice in people being held against their will ......'

sips coffee ( where are the coffee beans from?)

'beats me..... it makes me so so angry ...Lily!!'

They pull up a video off Youtube recommended by a friend off their latest whizz gadget phone (totally essential item)

'I don't get it! Sam what the frickin heck is the video on about that was a little whack!'
Yes well , it is really!

  • At least 12.3 million people are victims of forced labour worldwide. Of these 2.4 million are as a result of human trafficking.
  • 600,000-800,000 men, women and children trafficked across international borders each year. Approximately 80 per cent are women and girls. Up to 50% are minors.
  • An estimated 1.2 million children trafficked each year.
  • The majority of trafficked victims arguably come from the poorest countries and poorest strata of the national population.
  • Trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are caught in the trap of slavery.
  • Human trafficking is the third largest source of income for organised crime, exceeded only by arms and drugs trafficking. UN office on drugs and crime
  • People are trafficked into prostitution, begging, forced labour, military service, domestic service, forced illegal adoption, forced marriage etc: Types of recruitment; include abduction, false agreement with parents, sold by parents, runaways, travel with family, orphans sold from street or institutions. - be the difference. What Wilberforce started we have to continue. Its always more than 'just a movie'

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  1. Mark Says:

    awesome. I'm cutting back on my blog time so it's great to see others posting almost exactly what I'd want to :)

    'traffik'? (why with a 'k'?...)

  2. Goddot Says:

    I came across modern slavery when I was in Bangkok a few years back. My hotel was near one of the infamous red light districts where young girls are sold by poor parents to brothal owners. Once in it is very difficult to get out. HIV infection rates are high and I often wonder how many are still alive.

    One thing that sickened me when I was there was the realization that patronage of the brothals by western males perpetuated the slavery.