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I have had a very eventful weekend

1) Went to 2 hour church meeting on Friday night about Church Building and whether our church should move, could move and what the shape of a church should be. This was actually very educational but sadly I was one of only 2 people under 25 there and as such was told i was representing 'the youth' which I was not - I was representing myself.

2) Pushed an empty trolley around the carpark of Queensgate carpark 2nd story for 200metres at 8:30pm - just because I could. Then got back into car (needed stress relief after church meeting)

3) Went to work Saturday morning. Being the Boss is ever so, well fought with difficulties when one is 22 years old. Sometimes one just wants to give up all the responsibility and be - well just 22.

4) I went to my sisters pre- ball on Saturday night. I myself never went to a ball at college. It was lovely to see her all dressed up and to see her friends who i had gone to college with all grown up and looking stunning.

5) Queued in a very long queue at KFC. Laughed and joked with people in the queue. Fantastic fun.

6) Did church all of sunday including another church meeting, worship team (PM), helping with running cafe (PM) ,

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