Blessed are the meek

Today I had to venture out, on the upside I have my voice back so I am able to talk again.

However sitting alone in a cafe at Queensgate (telling myself I was taking a break from life)
God again was teaching me stuff.

  • As I sat down, two women arrived. One of the woman had Cerebral palsy or something similar and had her carer with her. Evidently they are regular patrons of the cafe and the cafe staff made them most welcome , right down to knowing what drink they both wanted and how it had to be served (with a straw) and in a certain type of cup, so the carer could serve it easily to the other woman. While I was eating my meal, the carer sat at the table next to me and served the other woman her meal all the while drinking her own drink second. The two also conversed, while I couldn't understand a single word the woman with Cerbal Palsy was saying her carer could, and would listen carefully and answer. What did I learn from this? A lot! self sacrifice, grace and putting yourself out there.

  • After this I tottled on off to the bus stop and decided that instead of being one of those boring people who doesn't converse with anyone I would say 'Hello' to the woman sitting at the bus stop. I had talked to her on a bus once before . She said hello back and we struck up a fantastic conversation. Turns out all her family have gone up north to the coronation of the Maori King in Ngaruawahia. I was oblivious to this happening in NZ this weekend (having been so caught up in my own little world as of late). There you go.

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