the sore throat saga continued

I have strep throat. Delightful.

That cost me $95 at the emergency doctor to find out - but at least she took me seriously unlike my normal doctor who tells me that I go to the doctor because I am 'fussy'

Then I left my cell phone at home so I couldn't catch a taxi ( i can't drive) so I ended up walking to the taxi stand by the hospital in the freezing morning cold.

On top of that I now have to wait for the pharmacy to open before I can go get my penicillin, which will cost more money. This will also mean catching a bus there and catching a bus back.

In all of this I am thankful that I live in a country where medical care is on tap.... despite the fact that I am in bucket loads of pain right now.......

I could really do with some prayer as I have a job interview this afternoon at 1.3o.
My throat is killing me and I am not that nice to be around so I would love some holy Spirit input.

Peace !


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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hello blog readers, thanks for all your prayers and texts. My job interview was absolutely fantastic lasted 1.5 hours. Fantastic school has a great feel and was more like a dialogue than a grilling. I would really like to work there ...... but its all in God's hands now!

    Will find out next week!

    P/S/ the penicillin is kicking in ...... beautiful........

  2. Huggies Says:

    Hey lisa! I've finally added your blog to my reader, so I'll actually read your posts.

    Woah...interview! I can't pray for that now, but guess I can pray for the outcome. Uuugh...outcome. That's too much of a worky word.

    Yay for penicillin. Nasty strep throat.