Soundz, sounds and Jpod Saga part 2

What are you listening to? In the last few months I have been extensively listening to TobyMacs alatest album Portable Sounds. I was talking to someone the other day about how we have to really think about what we listen to this person was dearly believed that if they just threw away all of their 'non christian' CDs then the world would be a better place. I disagree. Not all Christan Music is good. Merely slapping the label Christian worship doesnt make it fantastic. In fact a great deal of it , including (hold your breath here people) some by Hillsong and even Chris Tomlin, is at least mindless chatter featuring mindless phrases or at worse just plain theologically wrong.

However I have been pondering in great detail the lyrics of this mighty fine song which in the last week in particular has really resonated with me.

Come as you are
Come just like you be
It's the bumps and curves of our history
But no block in the road that we can't traverse
And no wounds from the past that can't be nursed

All hate gonna to dissipate from our fate
No check, together we got a checkmate
All hate gonna dissipate and fade away
To make room for a brand new day we got

We got one world 'til its time to fly
So it's one love 'til we say goodbye
We got one world its enough to share
'Til we're called home and we're caught up in the air we got

One world
I'll look out for you, you look out for me
One world
Together we can be perfect harmony
One world
I'll look out for you, you look out for me
One world
And I'm a dedicate this song to everyone of God's children

One world oughta be more than enough
And if its not, is God looking in pure disgust?
Wondering what the dilly with the silly I see?
When I made each of these in the image of me
Everyday is a chance for a new stance
Like every song is the beginning of a new dance
And everyone of us was made to reflect the light
And glorify the most high so bright we got

You can come as you are
Love is yours
Love is ours
I am a witness
To sweet forgiveness

You will shine like a star
Burning bright where you are in our one world

'Come as you are' - Jesus doesn't call you to come as who you might be , who you were, or who hope to be. He asks you to come as you are but acknowledging what makes you and shapes you. This particularly resonated with me last night at a very moving baptism service. '

'When I made each of these in the image of me' - My God! I get so mad when I see myself and others discrimating against others because of some silly insecurity. In a larger sense my heart this week has been particularly torn and my spirit pressed to continute the Isaiah 60 call to serve his children , regardless of their earthly faults and difficultness because they are indeed made in the image of God.

The line above stands out most probably because of the line I have put in italics 'I am a witness, To sweet forgiveness.' Enough Said.

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