Prayer needed

Update and more thoughtful blog posts coming soon - i promise. However you guys haven't been posting comments and there has been a heck a lot of you been passing through here......

Anyway what I could really do with is some prayer:

1) I have a job interview on Tuesday for a school that I am really really entustiastic about it would be a permanent position working with Year 5s starting term 4.

2) Unfortunately I am getting yet another cold/virus thing. As those of you that know me well know. When I get sick i get really sick so I could do with the mighty hand of God to get rid of this or to at least weaken this virus so that I can give my all on Tuesday.

Thank you all

P.S If you haven't checed out the Rev Gal Pals link on the right you don't know what you are missing out on. :)

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  1. Iris Says:

    I'm praying.

    I haven't seen you on the RevGal ring before, but I'm happy to have a kiwi join us. My mother-in-law is from NZ and my husband lived in Christchurch during his teenage years. So, if you're new, welcome! It's a wonderful group!

  2. Leah Sophia Says:

    Hi Lisa! Hey, I'm happy to visit your blog, offer some prayers and leave a comment. Actually, I just now met you from the comment you left on Musical Musings! RevGals has gotten so big, with 300+, sometimes even when one visits a blog there isn't time to comment. Be Blessed, and keep us updated on your work and health stuff. Leah in San Diego, California