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I am currently listening to the new album from Sovereign Grace Music, in fact I have just ordered 2 copies direct from the mighty US of A.

The thing I love about Sovereign Grace Music, unlike say Hillsong, is that it is absolutely chocka full of theological truth about God, (read there is a lack of Jesus is my boyfriend lyrics)

The latest album In a little while by Mark and Steve Altrogge is absolutely marvellous

Go now! You can even listen to all the tracks in their entireity - if you click up on the right hand corner on 'sovereign grace radio' when your page loads. I reccommend 'At the cross' and 'Whatever my God Ordains'

Awesome, And you can download the sheet music for free.

A couple of lyric samples:

At the cross
At the cross we see Your mercy
Pouring forth in streams of blood
At the cross we see compassion
Flowing like a crimson flood
At the cross we see our Savior
And the beauty of His love, at the cross

How great, how glorious
Why should we ever wonder
If we’re hidden from Your eyes
You bought us with Your own blood
We can trust in Christ
And we will mount up like eagles
Held by Your mighty grace
Keeping our eyes on Jesus
The author of our faith

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