Itunes or should that be lack of

Attention ITunes NZ and those of you who evidently want me to buy my Christian music legally (which I do)

Whats up with the fact that there is jack all new albums? Frankly the stuff you have up at the moment is crap! I do not want the greatest hits of someone I have never heard of (who is Sandy Patti?), nor do I want the music of someone who is only world famous in America. Get me some of this stuff:

Robbie Seay Band (latest album you do have but you haven't advertised it)
Mainstay (latest album you do have but you haven't advertised it)
Casting Crowns latest (actually thats kinda an average album, i'll pass on that)
Jeremy Riddle
Chris Rice

And you even have the latest Parachute Band album up. What the heck is that about! We don't even have them, and they are a NZ band!

Look dearest record companies and Itunes, I don't burn music and I don't illegally download it but frankly this is beyond a joke.

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