Its raining outside. We had thunder earlier.

I am attempting to write an essay on 'What is the teaching of Hebrews on the person and work of Christ? How does the author use this teaching to meet the needs of his readers? '

I am not doing so well.

354 words. I have somehow managed to throw out one of my draft pages, so I am quite annoyed as it had all my references on it.

Have also got to get around to applying for Jobs for next year. There are some good looking ones in Christchurch so am all for that (part from the fact that I know no one there, but right now I am feeling incredibly introverted, and a lot of my good friends are moving anyway, so that could suit me quite well)

We had a visiting group in at church a couple of weeks ago at the night service (when i was having a night off) and the speaker said that Jesus wasn't our friend. This has left a few of our youth in a state of uproar, and I had one conversation with one young woman who was so distraught at what visiting preacher had said that she thought she was going to loose her faith. *sigh*. What to do? I then had to spend rest of night reassuring her that God was not just friend but had many other aspects to his character that she could draw on and should draw.

Did i mention i got an $800 dollar tax bill in mail today?

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  1. A. J. Chesswas Says:

    hmmm... my house got hailed on at 6:45 AM... tell me who was this speaker? I had a conversation with a TSCF staffworker last Thursday who said he had spoken on that exact same topic to a group of students...

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hey i am unsure i do know it was someone from a TSCF related organisation though from a uni up north !

    I think half the problem was that the service included a song that said what a friend we have in jesus or similar and then the sermon went against it, which is incredibly confusing to anyone really.