Prayer for november

Dear God,

You and I haven't been talking much lately.
I have been pissed off with life, with people with the Church.

God I am pissed off that the ideal isn't the reality. God I am sad that my current situation doesn't allow me freedom to be all that I can be.

Thank you for breaking my heart once again and reminding me of the Gospel. Today I cried Lord and they were tears of joy and sadness and frustration all at once.

Thank you for these precious children, and the ones you give me opportunity to work with.

Thank you for my mission field. Thank you for reminding me that my comfort is not the purpose of my existence and that the end of the story is 'well done good and faithful servant' not 'well done home owner and owner of a university degree'

Give me strength because I am finding the breathing and practicalities of this difficult.

Yours Always


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