The Girl who was Beautiful Inside

As some of you know I am a relief teacher (amongst other things). I also run a music school, am a youth leader and a music teacher.

Lately life has been ... how do we say this without offending those who read this..... possibly too late for that... not all 'Happy December's and beautiful rainbows as we jump over the daisies'

However over the last week I had two God encounters where God placed two people into my life who spoke over my life and fed into me a whole lot of incredibly encouraging, sometimes hard but very supportive stuff.

Today I arrived home from another mind numbing day of relieving to find that one of these 'God encounter people', a woman who I had met at Church on Sunday for the first time, had written me a Card and baked me a beautiful cake. I cried. This after she listened to my story on Sunday and didn't judge me but encouraged me to keep challenging and exploring where I am with God. She even told me that she remembered my sermon from a couple of months ago and that she enjoyed it alot. This nearly made me cry as I have been feeling incredibly unappreciated.

Anyway, the card, it says this on the cover: (It is a Edward Monkton if you are wanting to get this for your Girl friend :P)
The Girl who was beautiful inside: Such was the power of the Beauty inside her that Winter turned to Spring in her path and flowers grew in her footsteps.


So two take home points

  • If you have the gift of encouragement never ever think that this is a 'stupid' or not as valuable gift as something more 'out there' like preaching. We need you. Just use this gift wisely (like any spiritual gift) The gift of encouragement is not a free pass to send pointless text messages with smiley faces, flood people with dumb email forwards and hug people all day.
  • As a follower of Christ you are not called to fix everything. The mere fact that you want to is endearing, however sometimes when you attempt to (fix) this leaves less room for God to work and for him to speak. Sometimes the very fact that you are there just to listen is all the 'fixing' that is needed.

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  1. Nathan Says:

    Amen to that

  2. Nathanael Baker Says:

    Amen to that. Thanks for your blog, it continues to make me think. You are awesome Lisa

  3. Jim Says:

    "purple monkey dishwasher": Heh- awesome. That made me smile