One Christian book that has had a major influence on my life has been the visual addition of 'What's so Amazing about Grace' by Phillip Yancy in that book there is a page where the authors and illustrators have juxtaposed some Christian people picketing with the idea of Grace.

I am constantly in agony at myself and at my Christian brothers when we choose to stand and shout at non Christians rather than roll up our sleeves and be Jesus in a situation.

One organization who I think do this brilliantly (be Jesus in a situation) are

XXXchurch is the #1 Christian porn site designed to bring awareness to the porn problem. From the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe, XXXchurch is a movement of people and ministries putting accountability to those struggling with porn and those calling porn a career." runs a Christian anti-pornography website that aims to help those who struggle with pornography. Its target are those who are consumers (including christians and non christians) and those in pornographic industry.

Perhaps one of the key things they do (which links back to what I have said) is they hand out bibles to people who attend porn shows. (they will be attending one in Auckland next year doing this very thing). This has many 'conservative' Christians riled up, but I will let you think and pray it through for yourself after watching the two different forms of communicating Jesus to those at Porn Events in action.

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  1. stan Says:

    can't watch the videos 'cos i only got dial-up... but isn't that the same site which says no to masturbation? for the record i fully support pornography and masturbation and can't wait 'til the day the Church gets over its obsession with marriage being the only acceptable form of relationship

  2. Lisa Says:

    As a Christian can you elaborate for us on why you think Pornography is fine?

  3. stan Says:

    well you got to look at the harm principle. there was a stage in my life where i would be strict on sexual morality then i met a bunch of Christians who said masturbating is sinful because Jesus said to think about a woman lustfully is as bad as adultery, and then it made me realise - heck, we might as well make it so that wimmin' have to wear burkahs 'cos by showing their faces they are causing lust

    so i look at the harm principle - which is how Jesus dealt with a lot of things. is it better to do good or allow harm on the Sabbath? maybe back in the old days prostitutes were exploited for pornography and it was a dodgy industry. but today there is better information and more availability of producers so the risk isn't as bad as it used to be. if women were the 'weaker sex' and ones most likely to be subjected to abuse, it's not like that today they enter the industry with their consent and they have their say in how they want things to work - you should visit Steve Crow's Erotica Expos if they're ever in your town and talk to them about it (eg. their standards of treating their actors and actresses etc).

    Christians these days think it's cool to go to the movies like to see the latest Die Hard movie or whatever, and there you have some guy going around shooting up people and saying violence is the answer - arguably more harmful than watching pornography

    if you want to have a monogamous relationship and only one partner in your life to have sex with, that's fine. but remember back in our grandparents' time it was a sin to kiss more than one person, because you only date people you were going to marry. nowadays you have youth group kids going out with different boyfriends/girlfriends every few months and they've certainly kissed a lot more than one person in their lives

    values change and so does the Bible. it's about time Christians stop acting like Pharisees, who were super strict on every single law. it's like when Baptist Christians look at the Catholic Church - i went to one a few years back and the pastor was like: "oh, Christianity is not like a religion with rituals etc... like the Catholic Church". and you know, it's easy to point to the Catholic Church with all their rituals and strict rules (eg. on contraception) - but i say we're still too far behind

  4. servant Says:

    Yeah, I'm interested to hear how that one works Stan.